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Concord Quarters is an 1820’s original slave quarters that sits atop a knoll overlooking its natural park-like landscaped setting. This was a popular design of the 19th century. Concord Quarters is the ideal place to take in Mother Nature. Beautiful massive oaks, garden areas and magnolias make this setting a truly magnificent place. Nestled in a community that is rich in culture north of the city, and just five minutes from downtown. Each guest will be treated with the kind of attention that celebrates family. When our guest arrives we want them to know that they have found the soul of southern hospitality.

Our licensed and inspected bed and breakfast is what remains of beautiful Concord, the first mansion built in Natchez circa 1789. Concord was a grand antebellum mansion, one of the many that have made this section famous. The entertainments at Concord were the most famous and lavish ever given in this section. Concord burned in 1901. Concord was the scene of the magnificent “Country Ball” given by the Duke and Duchess of Manchester, this ball was given just prior to the fire. It was a reminder of the old time social festivals at “Concord”, and was largely attended. It was a brilliant affair and made suitable flues to the social chapter in the history of “Concord”.

Concord Quarters offers one spacious guest room and one two bedroom suite, each with a private bath. Guests will enjoy a full southern breakfast each morning that you are here. The guest rooms are located on the second floor. All of the rooms open on to the broad gallery supported by giant order columns.

Concord Quarters Bed and Breakfast’s generous grounds are somewhat of a backyard wildlife habitat. Nature lovers will delight in watching the many spectacular species of birds, and other wildlife.

Concord Quarters and the beautiful grounds are popular locations for events of all kinds: Intimate weddings, bridal and baby showers, small gallery shows, and exclusive gatherings and retreats. We offer a different ambiance that combines history, culture, nature, and the soul of southern hospitality.

Concord Quarters is one of the two matching brick buildings that originally flanked the rear courtyard built circa 1820 for the Minor family. The grandest building of Natchez colonial period (1716-1798-1901) was Concord, built for Spanish Governor Manuel Gayoso de Lemos. And what remains of Concord today to interpret its significant Spanish history? Remaining on the site are a deteriorated small building whose use is unknown and a two story brick building that originally served as one of two matching quarters for enslaved people. Remodeled and enlarged to function as a single family residence in the early 20thcentury, the house was badly deteriorated when recently purchased by Gregory and Deborah Cosey, but has since been completely restored.




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